Sigma Uptime Newsletter

  • Sigma Uptime Vol. 14 No. 1

    Making the IT-as-a-Service Transition – Speed, agility and operational maturity are the hallmarks of next-generation IT organizations.

  • Sigma Uptime Vol. 13 No. 6

    Apps Rule!  Citrix and Cisco offer tightly integrated technologies that support an application-centric approach to network management and control.

  • Sigma Uptime Vol 13 No 5

    The Next Wave of IT Consumerization: The rise of employee-owned devices, consumer apps and cloud services is changing the role of the IT department.

  • Sigma Uptime Vol 13 No 4

    Supporting the Internet of Things: Software-defined networking will enable organizations to manage billions of network-connected objects and tap the ‘big data’ they will generate.

  • Sigma Uptime Vol 13 No 3

    Converged infrastructure solutions help speed provisioning and deployment while relieving IT complexity and sprawl.

  • Sigma Uptime Vol 13 No 2

    In this EMC-focused issue learn more about how as flash storage dominates the headlines, EMC’s XtremIO all-flash arrays make news thanks to extreme performance, scalability and data protection.

  • Sigma Uptime Vol 13 No 1

    Lifting the fog – With Sigma CloudSource, Sigma Solutions helps customers get their cloud initiatives off the ground.

  • Sigma Uptime Vol 12 No 6

    Improving Data Center Efficiency:  Sigma Solutions works with HP to deliver solutions and services designed to eliminate data center complexity.

  • Sigma Uptime Vol 12 No 5

    Enabling the Future of the Data Center – VMware’s software-defined data center architecture extends the benefits of virtualization across all data center resources.

  • Sigma Uptime Vol 12 No 4

    The New Normal: Sigma and Citrix help change the way we work through virtualization, mobility and the cloud.

  • Sigma Uptime Vol 12 No 3

    Yours, mine & ours the challenge of commingled personal and business data in the age of BYOD.

  • Sigma Uptime Vol 12 No 2

    Mobile application management (MAM) shifts the focus from managing mobile devices to securing the applications the devices access.

  • Sigma Uptime Vol 12 No 1

    How software-defined networking transcends the limitations of current network technologies.

  • Sigma Uptime Vol 11 No 6

    A glimpse into the future for IT organizations.

  • Sigma Uptime Vol 11 No 5

    Go with the PROS
    Sigma’s unified support infrastructure ensures efficiency, reliability and predictable IT costs.

  • Sigma Uptime Vol 11 No 4

    Unified Storage Redefined.

  • Sigma Uptime Vol 11 No 3

    Closing the Door on Backup Window Challenges.

  • Sigma Uptime Vol 11 No 2

    Optimizing Desktop Virtualization.

  • Sigma Uptime Vol 11 No 1

    Creating IT Flexibility
    HP’s FlexNetwork architecture unifies network ‘silos’ to increase flexibility for today’s virtual, media-rich and cloud environments.

  • Sigma Uptime Vol 10 No 6

    Transform your data center with the 3-D scaling storage platform from Hitachi Data Systems.

  • Sigma Uptime Vol 10 No 5

    Real Data Protection For Virtual Machines.

  • Sigma Uptime Vol 10 No 4

    The Big Picture
    Digital video is here to stay. How will your organization deal with it?

  • Sigma Uptime Vol 10 No 3

    Sigma’s SAFEStore cloud-based managed backup service eliminates the headaches and hidden costs associated with traditional onsite backup while ensuring data protection, reducing downtime and improving regulatory compliance.

  • Sigma Uptime Vol 10 No 2

    Defusing the Data Storage Time Bomb.

  • Sigma Uptime Vol 10 No 1

    Striking a balance between user access and network security.

  • Sigma Uptime Vol 9 No 6

    Enabling the Mobile Desktop.

  • Sigma Uptime Vol 9 No 5

    Going the Distance
    Sigma acquires DTS Communications to help customers extend the reach of their networks using wireless.